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Studying MBBS in Bangladesh 2024: A Comprehensive Guide


Choosing the right place to pursue an MBBS program can be a crucial decision for your medical career. Bangladesh has become a popular destination for students worldwide who aspire to become medical professionals. With its high standard of education, affordable fee structure, and internationally recognized degrees, Bangladesh offers a promising platform for MBBS studies in 2024.

Why Choose Bangladesh for MBBS?

Bangladesh is home to many medical colleges and universities recognized by leading global bodies, such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI). With a curriculum modeled on the guidelines of the British standards of education, it offers high-quality education.

The MBBS program in Bangladesh is a 5-year course, followed by a mandatory one-year internship. The colleges provide a healthy mix of theoretical knowledge and practical exposure, ensuring students are well-prepared for their medical careers.

Fee Structure

One of the primary reasons students choose Bangladesh for their MBBS studies is the affordable fee structure. On average, the tuition fee for the five-year course ranges from $25,000 to $50,000. This amount, coupled with the relatively low cost of living in Bangladesh, makes it a financially viable choice for many students.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for admission to MBBS in Bangladesh are straightforward. The students must have completed 10+2 or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. A minimum aggregate score, as specified by the individual colleges, is also required.

International students will need a valid passport and visa for admission. They also need to undergo a medical test, confirming they are medically fit to undertake the course.

Application Process

The application process typically starts with filling an application form provided by the respective colleges or universities. Following this, students may have to appear for an entrance examination. Some colleges might also require a personal interview.

Documents required generally include academic certificates, passport-sized photographs, passport photocopies, a health check-up report, and an NOC from the Ministry of External Affairs.


Studying MBBS in Bangladesh is an excellent choice for students seeking a quality medical education at an affordable price. The country’s focus on theoretical knowledge and practical exposure offers a comprehensive educational experience that prepares students for a successful career in medicine.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information, students are advised to visit the official websites of the respective colleges or contact their administrative offices directly. It is also recommended to consult with an authorized representative or educational consultant to navigate the admission process smoothly.

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MBBS in Bangladesh

Why study MBBS in Bangladesh

At the point when understudies can’t get their seats in Govt. universities, they go to private medical colleges.

Yet, private colleges have an intemperate interest of gift and Govt. universities have an intense lack of seats. So merited understudies can’t get the affirmation however having a decent outcome.

In this way, therefore, a significant number of them drop their fantasy to be a specialist and change to some elective vocation. Along these lines, numerous understudies lose their way throughout everyday life and stall out into an unfortunate calling.

In any case, the inquiry is, “Is there any answer to this issue?”

All things considered, the appropriate response is “Yes”.

There is promise for all. On ongoing occasions, it is seen that there is an inclination among understudies to think about abroad. As there is an adorable deficiency of chance in our nation, numerous understudies set out for some outside nation. Bangladesh is a developing name among every one of the nations.

Bangladesh offers the MBBS course with ease for the ready understudies. The course of study is additionally profited with no gift. Bangladesh has an elevated requirement consider course some of the time superior to numerous private universities in India.

Is Bangladesh a safe place for the students?

Financially and socially, Bangladesh is fundamentally the same as India. We seem to be comparative! We have such huge numbers of regular things including history and writing. I don’t know from which part of India are you from, in the event that you are from the West Bengal at that point even our dialect is the equivalent! In the event that you even don’t know Bengali that much before all else, don’t stress the greater part of the general population of our nation can comprehend Hindi – so you won’t be stuck in an unfortunate situation. Learning Bengali would not be excessively troublesome for you, it is fundamentally the same as Hindi.

As an Indian, you will discover Bangladesh more cordial than most different nations. In wellbeing concern, I would state it is fundamentally the same as India. Our kin are amicable and there are some minor security issues, yet not excessively identified with the way that your nationality is extraordinary. That can occur in any piece of our South Asia.

As an MBBS, the thing that I would stress over is the nature of instruction of some therapeutic schools. Fill me in as to whether you have any inquiries identified with that.

Sylhet Women’s Medical College, IBN SINA Medical College, Medical College For Women’s & Hospital, Z H Sikder Medical Medical College, Bangladesh Medical College, Islami Bank Medical College, Mainamoti  Medical College, Ad Din Women’s Medical College, Diabetic Association Medical College, International Medical College, Popular Medical College, Dhaka National Medical College,Ibrahim Medical College and more…


Sylhet Women’s Medical College: Situated in the scenic city of Sylhet, this women-centric medical college is known for offering high-quality medical education and professional development. The college offers a comprehensive five-year MBBS course along with a mandatory one-year internship in its associated hospital. With a rich curriculum, experienced faculty, and modern infrastructure, the college provides an optimal learning environment for aspiring female doctors.

Diabetic Association Medical College: Established by the Diabetic Association of Bangladesh, this medical college aims at creating competent healthcare professionals with a specialized focus on diabetes care. The college offers a five-year MBBS program following international standards, and it runs a well-equipped hospital serving as the practical training ground for students. Here, students get hands-on experience and exposure to managing diabetes and related health conditions.

Islami Bank Medical College (IBMC): Located in Rajshahi, IBMC is known for its robust MBBS program that aligns with international standards. The college boasts a strong faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a teaching hospital with diverse medical departments. The institution fosters an environment that encourages research and ethical practice, preparing students for various challenges in the healthcare sector.

Holy Family Red Crescent Medical College: Founded in 1999, this medical college, run by the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society, is one of the leading institutions for medical education in Bangladesh. The MBBS program is designed following the guidelines of the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC). The college has its own teaching hospital, offering students ample opportunities for practical learning and exposure to various medical cases.

Army Medical College Jashore: This prestigious institution is known for its commitment to excellence in medical education and research. The college offers a standard MBBS program and is equipped with the latest facilities for effective teaching and learning. The attached military hospital serves as a comprehensive training center where students gain real-world clinical experience.

Army Medical College Bogura: Also part of the Bangladesh Armed Forces medical institutions, the Army Medical College, Bogura provides a top-tier MBBS program. It focuses on holistic learning, combining rigorous academic coursework with practical clinical training at its associated military hospital. The institution is renowned for its disciplined environment, experienced faculty, and commitment to producing skilled medical professionals.

Each of these colleges is known for its high standard of education, comprehensive MBBS program, and dedication to fostering skilled, ethical medical professionals. Students looking to pursue their MBBS in Bangladesh would find any of these colleges to be excellent choices. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, it’s advisable to check each college’s official website or consult with an authorized admission consultant.

The low cost and efficient, effective medical education of Bangladesh makes it one of the most favored destinations for medical education.

We’re also aware of people coming from the different economic background, so we offer colleges of all budgets. So, if you are wishing for MBBS degree, make a visit to us, we’re happy to help you.

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Focal points of concentrate in Bangladesh”. Bangladeshi schools are endorsed by WHO, UNESCO, and other worldwide associations

2. Universities are MCI affirmed. Along these lines, understudies can undoubtedly get to their vocation as a specialist in any edge of India. All schools are affirmed by MCI Act 1956

See More Details here:

For More Details Please Refer M.C.I. Site

3. Bangladesh offers a plain feeling for understudies. The sustenance propensity, culture, dialect are same as India. Bangladesh grabs a chair booking for International understudies.

4. MBBS in Bangladesh best elective Low-cost Medical Study outside India

5. The medium of instructing is English, however, Bengali is utilized as a second dialect there, yet Bengali can without much of a stretch be embraced.

6. Acknowledgment By – Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council and Member of South East Asia Regional Organization For Medical Council Enlisted in the Directory of IMED and AVECENA (Formerly W.H.O)

7. The student can register to Medical Council of India by giving Screening Test to practice in India after completion of MBBS Degree in Bangladesh

8. Bangladesh has extra facilities for students coming through SAARC quota.

9. The least Financial cost to complete MBBS Course in Private medical college and free seats under SAARC Quota in Government Medical College

10. Adequate patient flow for clinical studies & practice Maintaining Global Medical Education Standard

11. Socio-cultural same as India, environment, and climate are almost the same

12. Very close to Home Country

13. Security and safety of Individual is ensured in the Campus

14. Affordable Medical Study at Low Package for Middle-Class Family Best Option for MBBS Study outside India

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