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Fortune Education is an Leading Education Consultant of Medical Education and Providing Online Direct MBBS Admission

Fortune Education: Your Premier Consultant for MBBS Admissions

Welcome to Fortune Education, where your dreams to pursue an MBBS transform into reality!

Leading Consultant of MBBS Admission

Unlock Your Medical Aspirations with Fortune Education
When it comes to MBBS admissions, the pathway may seem intricate and overwhelming. But with Fortune Education by your side, your journey to becoming a doctor is set on a course of clarity and success. Recognized as a leading consultant in the realm of MBBS admissions, we channel our experience, expertise, and unparalleled network to guide you to the zenith of your medical ambitions.

Fortune Education

Fortune Education, distinguished as a leading education consultant for medical education, specializes in facilitating online direct MBBS admission for students, both locally and internationally. With a focus on medical programs in Bangladesh, Fortune Education provides comprehensive services designed to guide students through the complexities of the admission process, ensuring a seamless transition into their medical studies. Here’s an overview of the services and advantages offered by Fortune Education in the realm of medical education:

Comprehensive Admission Support

Fortune Education offers end-to-end support for MBBS admissions, starting from the initial consultation to the completion of the admission process. Their services include:

  • Personalized Counseling: Expert counselors provide personalized guidance to help students select the right medical college that aligns with their academic goals and career aspirations.
  • Admission Assistance: The consultancy simplifies the admission process, assisting with the completion of application forms, submission of necessary documents, and meeting all the eligibility criteria for MBBS programs.

Financial Guidance: Understanding the financial burden of medical education, Fortune Education offers advice on scholarships, financial aid, and effective budget management to make medical education more accessible.

Online Direct MBBS Admission

One of the key highlights of Fortune Education’s services is the provision of online direct MBBS admission, which includes:

Streamlined Online Application Process: Students can apply directly to their chosen medical colleges in Bangladesh through an online platform, making the admission process more efficient and accessible.
Transparent Information: Fortune Education provides detailed information about each medical college, including course details, fee structures, and campus facilities, enabling students to make informed decisions.
Support for International Students
Fortune Education’s services are particularly beneficial for international students aiming to study MBBS in Bangladesh, offering:

Visa Assistance: Detailed guidance on the visa application process to ensure compliance with the requirements for studying in Bangladesh.
Accommodation and Travel Arrangements: Assistance in finding suitable accommodation and making travel arrangements for a smooth transition to studying and living in Bangladesh.
Pre-Departure Briefing and Orientation: Preparing students for the cultural and academic environment in Bangladesh through comprehensive briefings and orientation sessions.
Continuous Support and Monitoring
Beyond the admission process, Fortune Education remains a supportive partner throughout the students’ academic journey:

Academic Monitoring: Regular follow-ups and support to monitor academic progress and address any challenges faced by students.
Career Guidance: Providing career counseling and guidance to help students navigate their future career paths in the medical field.
Fortune Education stands out as a beacon for students aspiring to embark on a career in medicine, particularly those interested in pursuing an MBBS in Bangladesh. Their dedicated approach, personalized services, and continuous support make them an invaluable ally in the journey towards becoming a healthcare professional. Through their expertise and commitment, Fortune Education opens doors to medical education opportunities, ensuring students are well-equipped to achieve their academic and professional goals.

Why Choose Fortune Education for Your MBBS Admissions?
Trusted Expertise: With years in the consultancy sector, our rich experience makes us the first choice for countless MBBS aspirants. We’ve seen the medical admission landscape evolve and have constantly adapted, ensuring our students get the best.

Holistic Guidance: Our approach isn’t just about securing admissions; it’s about understanding your aspirations, gauging your strengths, and then aligning you with institutions that resonate with your vision.

Global Network: Our extensive partnerships with esteemed medical institutions worldwide ensure that you get placed in an environment that’s conducive to your growth and global exposure.

Transparent Process: At Fortune Education, transparency isn’t a buzzword; it’s a commitment. Every step, from consultation to securing your admission, is communicated clearly, ensuring you’re always in the know.

Services Offered by Fortune Education

Services Offered by Fortune EducationPersonalized Counseling: Tailored sessions that delve deep into your aspirations, helping chart out the perfect MBBS pathway for you.

Document Assistance: Navigating paperwork can be tedious. Our team assists in organizing, preparing, and verifying all necessary documents for your admission process.

MBBS in Bangladesh with Fortune Education

Do you aspire to wear that white coat and serve the community as a skilled medical professional? Your dream is closer than you think! Dive into the world of MBBS in Bangladesh with Fortune Education, your trusted partner guiding you to secure a spot in top medical colleges. Now, with our Online Direct MBBS Admission offer, the journey to becoming a doctor has never been more seamless.

Why Choose MBBS in Bangladesh with Fortune Education?

  1. Tailored Guidance: At Fortune Education, we understand that every student’s journey is unique. Our expert consultants provide personalized advice, ensuring that you find a medical college in Bangladesh that aligns with your aspirations and strengths.
  2. Easy Online Direct Admission: Gone are the days of complex paperwork and long waiting times. With Fortune Education’s online direct MBBS admission system, you can secure your seat in a reputed Bangladeshi medical college from the comfort of your home.
  3. A Legacy of Success: Fortune Education has a track record of placing countless students in esteemed institutions across Bangladesh. Our alumni network spans globally, with many now leading successful careers in healthcare.
  4. End-to-End Support: From choosing the right college and streamlining the admission process to offering post-admission support and networking opportunities, Fortune Education stands by you throughout your MBBS journey.

Online Direct MBBS Admission Process

Step 1: Visit the Fortune Education website and navigate to the Online Direct MBBS Admission portal.

  • Step 2: Fill out the application form, providing details such as academic scores, personal details, and course preferences.
  • Step 3: Attach necessary documents – 12th standard mark sheet, NEET qualification certificate (for Indian students), passport copy, and recent photographs.
  • Step 4: Submit the form, and our team will review it. Post verification, you’ll receive a confirmation mail with further instructions.
  • Step 5: Once admitted, get ready for an orientation with Fortune Education, where we’ll walk you through the next steps and ensure you’re all set for your new academic journey.

What Our Students Say:

“Navigating foreign admissions felt daunting until I found Fortune Education. Their online direct admission process was straightforward, and their support team was there every step of the way.”Anjali Rao, MBBS First Year Student.

“Choosing MBBS in Bangladesh with Fortune Education has been a game-changer. The quality of education, combined with the supportive network Fortune offers, has made my journey smooth and rewarding.”Sayed Ahmed, MBBS Graduate.

Islami Bank Medical College

Affiliated with Rajshahi Medical University, First Private Medical College in Rajshahi Division. Complete Medical College, Modern Largest Green Campus in Mango Garden at Divisional City, In Campus Own Hostel, Largest Hospital & High Patient Flow.

The academic activities of Islami Bank Medical College commenced through the admission of fifty students within the 2003-04 school term . The admission is predicated on merit keeping in conformity with Government Order published and adopted by IBMC Academic Council and administration .


Islami Bank Medical College is established with a view to training the specially selected high-quality medical candidates to be called ‘Medical students’ for five academic years. they’re going to follow the medical course consistent with the syllabus laid down by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council (BMDC) formulated for MBBS & BDS degree.

The degree thus is conferred by the University of Dhaka are going to be recognized through registration by BMDC. Islami Bank Medical College (IBMC) is committed to making a cadre of high-quality doctors both by medical knowledge and high moral values, dedicated to suffering humans physically and psychologically within the nation et al. across geographical boundaries.

The objectives of Islami Bank Medical College are 1. to show that we the human species “are Ashraful maks-lu-kat” created to measure within the community with harmony and for every other with tender caring.

2. to show biochemical sciences traditionally required for the medical graduate to satisfy the responsibilities of providing also as curative health care to the people of Bangladesh.

3. to supply religiously well disciplined, self-motivated, and dedicated doctors imbued with the spirit of devotion to the response to human, duty, kindness, tolerance, patience, and compassion.

4. To instill a good knowledge of the social and financial condition of Bangladesh with a view to imbuing in them the assumption , values, and concepts of the state .

5. To inspire the event of essential characters qualities, the strong sense of righteousness, and basic desire to serve the suffering humanities reception and also abroad.


The capabilities of the school are as under 1. Presently the school is training 100 MBBS & 20 BDS students in each batch. 2. Capable to run 200 students’ academic activities in each batch. 3. Building-up the will amongst the passed out doctors to prosecute further studies resulting in specialization. in future.


Islami Bank Medical College is found at Airport Road, Nawdapara, Sopura, Rajshahi, Bangladesh. The 7 storied academic building is housing all the departments along side 650 beds academic hospital.

MBBS Admission into the MBBS Course:

There is accommodation for 85 students in each school term . Admission are going to be on the idea of the merit of the scholars and therefore the criteria as prescribed by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and BM&DC.

Courses Expenses:

The information associated with total course expenses are going to be notified within the college bulletin board during the publication of the ultimate result. the schooling fee could also be paid monthly. Students who fail to pass their final professional examination in five years’ time will need to pay the prescribed tuition fees for the amount beyond five years. The expenses rates are, however, subject to vary from time to time. The entrance fee is to be paid by Bank draft/Pay order in favor of Islami Bank Medical College, Rajshahi.

Army Medical Colleges in Bogura, Jashore, and Cumilla, along with the Diabetic Association Medical College and Sylhet Women’s Medical College, Islami Bank Medical College, offer outstanding opportunities for international students looking to pursue MBBS in Bangladesh. These institutions are known for their high standards of medical education, state-of-the-art facilities, and commitment to producing competent healthcare professionals. Here’s a brief overview of each:

Army Medical College Jashore

Located in the southwestern part of Bangladesh, Army Medical College Jashore is renowned for its rigorous academic programs and military discipline. It offers a unique blend of medical education and military values, preparing students for both civilian and military healthcare sectors. The college is equipped with modern teaching facilities and provides comprehensive clinical training.

Army Medical College Bogura

Situated in the northern region of Bangladesh, Army Medical College Bogura is another excellent institution for medical education. It emphasizes a curriculum that balances theoretical knowledge with practical clinical skills, underpinned by military discipline. The college boasts advanced laboratory and research facilities, contributing to a well-rounded medical education.

Diabetic Association Medical College

Diabetic Association Medical College, located in Faridpur, is dedicated to advancing medical education and diabetes care. This institution is recognized for its specialized focus on diabetes and endocrinology, offering a unique perspective on medical education. It provides state-of-the-art facilities and research opportunities in diabetic care and treatment.

Sylhet Women’s Medical College

Sylhet Women’s Medical College is the first private women’s medical college in Sylhet, aiming to empower female students in the field of medical science. The college offers a supportive and inclusive environment, with modern educational facilities and a strong focus on women’s health issues. It’s an ideal choice for female students seeking a career in medicine.

Opportunities for International Students

  • Quality Education: All these institutions adhere to the highest standards of medical education, recognized by both national and international accrediting bodies.
  • Cultural Diversity: International students will find a welcoming atmosphere, with opportunities to interact with peers from various cultural backgrounds.
  • Affordable Tuition: Compared to many countries, Bangladesh offers more affordable medical education without compromising on quality.
  • Clinical Exposure: Students gain hands-on clinical experience in affiliated hospitals, dealing with a wide range of health conditions.

For international students interested in pursuing an MBBS in Bangladesh, these colleges represent excellent options, combining rigorous academic training with moral and ethical education. Prospective students are encouraged to contact the colleges directly or through educational consultants like Fortune Education, which offers online direct MBBS admission services, to learn more about admission requirements, application procedures, and scholarships available for international students.

Leading Consultant of MBBS Admission

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